Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Have Seen the Light and it is my Mind

the State has decided: who I am to love, to hate
what I'm to do in be, with what and to whom

the State has made a military coup in bed
stop screaming: the world is a better place

we are now going to sing the virtues of mass murder
we will follow our religious leaders

our feelings are stamped: State Property
pornography is practiced by God
who has raped more souls than you can shake a prick at

Jesus Christ is a funny name
for an hallucinogenic drug

all those addicts like Billy Graham and the Pope
will have to account for their expensive habit

from his last words on the cross
I gather Jesus was begging for the ultimate fix

-Harold Norse

Friday, August 10, 2007

So I still don't have the Internet, there are no places in marine City to get good free Internet acces (other than Big Boy, but I don't have the money for coffee), and no one has an open access point. So I'm pretty much cut off from everyone I know. I can't colaborate with peple, I can't share my thoughts and feelings, I can't even recieve a local phone call because we don't have Caller ID and no one bothers taking down a phone number.

I fucking hate my family too. All in all, I'm having a really shtty month. Or have I been saying that since January? I don't even remember now.